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Founded in 2007, Aeon Earth is based in Singapore as a hub to the Asia Pacific region with worldwide business networking in the recycle and resale market.

It has grown into a very successful company within a few years because of one man's dream, work ethic, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Ken Lee, together with his greatest assets, his trusted colleagues, has made Aeon Earth into one of the largest One-Stop IT Asset Recovery companies.

The Beginning

His team of experienced people are trained, certified and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide security, trust and confidence with the highest level of service and reliability at all times.​

Expansion, Innovation and Diversification


People are our greatest asset!

It is our people who make our products and services work for us and our clients. With a highly skilled team, we encourage our people to be their best by giving them an environment that promotes professionalism, reliability and innovation.

The recruitment and retention of high-quality people are vital to our business and this is why we continuously invest in our future by recruiting the right people, with the right attitudes to excel in the roles that they are best suited for.

Aeon Earth realises that Information Technology (IT) is ever changing and will present new opportunities and challenges. Our staff are our greatest asset; they help us and our customers meet these ever changing demands effectively and efficiently. We also believe that the staff need progressive and consistent development in order to keep abreast of the latest changes and therefore valuable resources are allocated to educate, train and mentor them. Our management support and emphasises staff development as one of the key goals of the company.

We hope that the gaining of new knowledge, sharpening of skills and the cultivation of good attitude, will benefit and prepare our staffs for new and challenging opportunities ahead of them. This, together with our conducive work environment, we are confident that our staff will, in turn, serve our clients delightfully and professionally.

We ensure that each of our people has the willingness, drive, determination and enthusiasm to take the business forward.  And to recognise our team for their dedication, we will continue to provide the best remuneration, benefits and opportunities.

Our clients can only expect the best from our people because we are always at organisational readiness.

Aeon Earth has expanded, innovated and diversified into a one-stop service for IT equipment removal, asset recovery, recycling, and scrap disposal with environmental liability in mind. Added to this, they also have advanced technologies in the restoration of hard disks, tape drives and other products to maximise recovery yields.


Aeon Earth strives to match ISO 9001 and 14001 standards by ensuring desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - at an economical cost.

They have been consistently building their success on the foundation of quality and the rights of their clients and business partners telling them whether they are delivering what they have promised.​

Seal of Guarantee

Our seal of guarantee symbolises the epitome of our quality, professionalism and commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. 

Most importantly, our people are our greatest assets.

We are passionate about providing the highest standards in:

SECURITY. Protecting and respecting data.

TRUST. Integrity, professionalism, reliability and conduct.

CONFIDENCE. Living up to our commitment, honesty and responsibility. 

We consistently build our success on the foundation of our quality and the rights of our clients and business partners to tell us whether we are delivering what we promised.

This is our very important promise to our clients and business partners.

Aeon Earth Seal of Guarantee
Our People
Seal of Guarantee
The Beginning
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