Our customers in the Government bodies and Departments trusted us with their used hardware equipment and data media. We provide secure and environmentally friendly solutions. Our onsite data erasure and degaussing services ensure sensitive data will not remain on the data media before they are removed from their secure locations. When necessary, the data media are destroyed and a Certificate of Destruction issued to provide proper audit trail and confidence to the Customer. Our technology in erasure and degaussing meet the NIST and DoD 5220.22-M standards.




Our customers will be able to maximise the residue value of their used equipment through our flexible buy-back or trade-off schemes. The savings can then be used to offset the costs of disposal or equipment replacement. This enables our customers to spend more time on their businesses and less time in the handling of the disposal process. Our one-stop solution begins from the point of collection of equipment to its final destination for destruction or decommissioning. Data held in any media are erased in accordance with industry certified standards. 

Aeon Earth is an approved and authorised IT asset recovery partner of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.


The Government of Singapore spends more than 20% off the National Budget 2011 on Education, and ICT (Information & Communications Technology) is an important aspect of this Programme. We are in a position to assist with the regular renewal of IT equipment and facilities and help to maximise the residue value of their used equipment through our flexible buyback schemes. 

The savings can then be used to offset the costs of disposal or IT equipment replacement. This enables educators to focus more time on their profession. Our one-stop asset recovery solution will take care of the time-consuming tasks of inventory recording, collection, delivery and disposal of the IT equipment. Data held in any media can be erased in accordance with industry certified standards.


Finance, Healthcare & Legal

Our customers from the Finance, Healthcare, and Legal segments require private and confidential client data and information to be securely erased or transported from point to point.

We are capable of assisting our customers and to provide the following services and experience:

SECURE IT ASSET RECOVERY SERVICE. We provide detailed inventory record of each piece of equipment removed from the site via secure handling and transportation to designated destinations. We have networking in Singapore and throughout the Asia Pacific region, thus providing a network from which customers can comfortably leverage on.

SECURE AND COMPLIANCE DATA SANITIZATION. We use industry approved data erasure and degaussing hardware and software. We ensure confidence in our tasks by issuing certificates for the work done in compliance with internationally certified standards.

INCREASE AWARENESS. Improving customer awareness on data security, risks and vulnerabilities of information leaks from used IT equipment, through talks and informative materials.