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Companies will be able to maximise the value of unused or end of life IT assets through effective reuse or recycling.

Data is securely eradicated before the asset is ready for remarketing or recycled. Your business risks are assured and you can be safe in the knowledge that your assets will be treated in a legally compliant manner and that all equipment is handled through a quality assured, safe and environmentally responsible process. 

Our services include:

REMOVAL & DISPOSAL. Logistics and de-installation of IT equipment.

SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION. Data erasure, degaussing and physical destruction of media.

RECYCLING. Tear down and recover raw materials for obsolete and end-of-life IT equipment.

IT Asset Recovery



Efficient removal of equipment, affordably and securely.

Planning & Scheduling

Our technicians work with your staff to plan, pack and remove old equipment. Storing all of the equipment in one location to reduce errors and confusion. Old equipment are then packed and transported to our facility for proper disposal and/or tear down.

Packing & Loading

If you have already de-installed the equipment, but need assistance packing or loading it, Aeon Earth can help. Our drivers and contractors have extensive experience protecting retired gear. We'll take all the appropriate measures to ensure items are loaded professionally and quickly for safe travel to our processing center or one of your designated locations.


Our nationwide transportation network gets your materials delivered faster and more cost-effectively than it would be handling them on your own.

We'll manage the shipment to our facility for processing, so you can focus on your core business. Simply schedule the pick-up, and we'll take it from there. We can shrink wrap and itemise the goods, we work with your team to pack and load whatever works best for you.

Secure Data Erasure
IT Asset Recovery

With the increased risk of data being compromised in recent times, Aeon Earth is committed to ensuring the security of our customer's sensitive data. 

From the first point of contact to the point of data destruction, we will implement proper equipment handling procedures and a secure process of erasing or destroying customer's data. These ensure that customers' sensitive data will not be compromised in any manner. Our staffs are trained to track and record all required information of the data media that is set to be erased. Such information will be handed over to the Customer for safekeeping and for future audit trail.

Aeon Earth will issue either a Certificate of Erasure or Certificate of Degauss as our Seal of Guarantee to our customers.

Secure Data Erasure

Reuse & Remarketing

Many companies are turning to obsolete IT assets reuse and remarketing. Some IT equipment no longer required by organisations, can still realise a resale value. 

At Aeon Earth, we deliver services and solutions designed to generate value for our clients from their used, unwanted or obsolete IT assets. Anything unsuitable for resale will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Reuse & Remarketing

We carry out our recycling in a sustainable way, minimising environmental impact by reclaiming raw materials and parts. This helps reduce costs to customers and also guarantees legislation compliance. 

We dismantle and sort IT waste into separate streams of raw materials, enabling the recycling of original material that would otherwise be contaminated and unrecyclable.


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